Our Process
At Chlebina Capital, a CFP® professional will walk you through the financial planning process to help achieve your financial goals. Throughout the process, we will examine your current situation, set financial goals, implement plans, and measure your progress.

Understanding Your Goals & Objectives

In order to plan for your future, Chlebina Capital wants to develop a stong and ongoing relationship. We will learn about all the various apects of your life, what your goals are for the future, understand who you are and what you value, and collect the necessary information to develop a comprehensive plan.

Analyze Your Situation

Once we understand what your needs and expectations are, we will analyze all aspects of your situation to determine what you need in order to meet your goals.

Plan For Your Future

We will develop a comprehensive plan that we believe fulfills your goals and objectives. We will meet to walk through the plan and aswer any question you may have. If we agree that the plan meets all the objectives that are important to you, then we move on to the next step, if not then we will work with you to revise the plan.

Execute Your Plan

After agreeing on a plan, Chlebina Capital will work with you to put the plan in action. Your planner may carry out the recommendations or coordinate the process with other professionals such as accountants or attorneys. 

Monitor Your Progress

Creating a Financial Plan is a very important step but monitoring the plan is just as important. There are a number of variables that can impact a plan so constant monitoring and communication is needed to maintain a valid financial plan. When changes to your life occur, Chlebina Capital will be there to make sure your plan evolves with your life.

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